3 Reasons To Consider Installing Radiant Heat Throughout Your Home


One of the most useful and popular types of heating systems that you can install in your home is a radiant heating system that uses either pipes or electrical pads to heat your floors and walls instead of air that is being forced through the vents. Listed below are just a few of the reasons to consider purchasing and installing radiant heat throughout your house.

Fewer Pollutants In The Air

One of the most beneficial aspects of radiant heat is that it does not contribute any additional pollutants and particles to the air inside your home. This is a very important feature because other types of heating systems that rely on forced-air and ducts will blow dust and allergens from within the ducts to every room in the house.

Those pollutants can then have a very detrimental effect on your home. For example, the pollutants can cause people to smell a foul odor, develop rashes, experience more frequent illnesses, and a worsening of any respiratory issues that they may have.

No Duct Loss

Another nice feature of radiant heating is that it does not experience the duct loss issue that forced-air systems deal with. When a heater experiences duct loss it is because hot air is lost due to seams and gaps in the duct system, which then causes the heater to produce more hot air and stay on longer to compensate. Since a radiant heating system does not connect to a duct system in any way or rely on heated air to warm your house, you will not have to deal with the duct loss issue.

Lower Energy Consumption

Finally, a radiant heating system is ideal for cutting down on your home's energy consumption, mostly due to the fact that a radiant heating system will usually provide you with a high degree of control over your heating system. For example, when you install a radiant heating system you will be able to organize heating zones so that you only heat the necessary rooms as needed. One way this would work would be only turning on the heat for your home office if you are home alone working throughout the day and ignoring the rest of the rooms in the house.

Speak with your local HVAC contractor or plumbing service today in order to determine how radiant heat can benefit you, your family, and your home. A radiant system is a great way to cut down on duct loss, air pollution, and energy consumption.


3 March 2016

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