Areas You Should Check When Your Air Conditioner Is Not Producing Enough Cool Air


When your air conditioner is not sending cool air into your home, you need to know which areas may be the cause of your problem. By taking the time to check these areas, you can potentially identify the cause of your problem so you can fix it in a timely manner.

Vents and Filter

The first issue you may have is blocked vents or a clogged filter. Checking these areas first will let you know if something is preventing the cool air from flowing into your home.

For example, vents that have bits of hair, dust or dander covering them do not allow air to flow out properly. For this reason, you need to clean the vents to see if this helps improve the air circulation throughout your home.

It is also a good idea to inspect both sides of your air filter. Some filters clog on the side you cannot see through the grate. When the filter is too dirty, the air cannot circulate, which prevents the system from removing the hot air from your home.

In many cases, cleaning the vents and replacing the filer will help increase the airflow throughout your home. You may even notice that after doing these tasks that your air conditioner is no longer having an issue keeping your home at the right temperature.


Another common problem for a poor performing air conditioner is the coils of your home's HVAC system. These coils circulate the refrigerant used to cool the air before it enters your home. Unfortunately, there can be a few issues preventing this from happening.

One issue is a small hole in the coil line, which means the refrigerant is leaking out. When this happens, the coils will develop a layer of frost. The reason for this is that as the system runs, the refrigerant leaks out and freezes on the outside of the coil. Since the cooling action is happening outside of the unit, the air entering your home will not be cold.

Another problem could be a bend or crimp in the coil, which can happen if something hits the coil. This can happen when a twig or other debris is blown into the outside unit by the wind. When this type of problem occurs, the refrigerant cannot move through the line and the air entering your home will not be cool enough.

In both of these situations, you need an HVAC company to come out and repair the coil. With their help, you can deal with the damaged coil and get your system working again. For more information, contact Thurlow's Heating & Air Conditioning Inc or a similar company.


10 March 2016

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