Window Treatments That Will Improve Your AC Efficiency


Many people focus on active cooling strategies when they equip their house to beat the summer heat. For example, most homes in the South will have an AC unit or a heat pump. While active cooling is effective, it is also reactionary: it will only cool your house down once it has already started to heat up. If you want to improve your AC efficiency, you should look into passive cooling strategies that will prevent your house from heating up in the first place. In particular, you should improve the energy efficiency of your windows. 

Install Window Awnings

Much of the heat that your AC system has to contend with will enter your home through your windows. You could shut out the sun's light by using blinds or curtains, but this will deprive your home of natural light and shut off your view of the outside world. If you want to stop the sun's rays without blocking off your windows, you should look into window awnings. A properly installed window awning can decrease heat gain by up to 77%, and reducing heat gain will go a long way toward reducing cooling costs. 

Install Window Film

While awnings can effectively reduce heat gain, they can also be quite expensive. Not only that, but they change the look of your house. If you are looking for a less drastic way to stop the sun before it can heat up your house, you should consider installing window film. An energy-efficient window film will reflect the sun's UV rays before they enter your home. It is the UV rays that are responsible for heating up the interior of your home, so filtering them out before they can do so will help to reduce your cooling costs. Indeed, properly installed window film can reduce your cooling costs by up to 23% and as an added benefit, the same film can reduce your heating costs by up to 25%.

Either of the above-mentioned passive cooling strategies will help to keep your house cool, but you don't have to pick between the two. Installing both awnings and window film will increase your ability to keep your home cool. While awnings will do nothing to help your home stay warm during the winter, window film will. If you have to choose between the two, you should choose window film. They are less expensive to install, and they will provide you with year-round HVAC savings. 

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10 March 2016

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