It's Hot Outside! 3 Ways To Keep Your AC Running Smoothly


Take a look at your air conditioner unit. You'll notice that it's a fan surrounded by copper tubing and tiny vents that resemble fins. Those tiny vents keep the air flowing through to the motor and fan blades. Once they get plugged with dirt and debris, you'll feel a reduction in the amount of air that flows through the vents inside your home.

You might even notice that your electricity bill goes up. That's because your air conditioner will have to work harder to cool your house when those fins are dirty. You can increase your air conditioners efficiency and reduce your electric bill by keeping your air conditioner clean. Here are some step-by-step instructions for cleaning the outside of your air conditioner.

Turn Off the Power

Before you start cleaning your air conditioner, you'll need to turn the power off. Leaving it on could put you in danger of electrocution, especially if you touch the wires while your hands are wet. The simplest way to ensure that power to your AC is completely off is to flip the switch at the breaker box. Open the door to the gray breaker box located somewhere on your home and flip the switch labeled AC or air conditioner.

Clean the Unit

Once the power to your air conditioner is turned off, you're going to wash the exterior of the unit with your garden hose. Simply attach a high pressure nozzle to the hose and spray down the entire unit. This should remove any dirt and debris that's on the outside of the unit. When the outside of the unit is clean, direct the nozzle to the inside of the AC unit.

Direct the flow of water towards the inside surface of the fins. This will ensure that both sides of the fins are clean. While you're cleaning the fins, take a look at the outside of the AC. You'll know the fins are thoroughly clean when water starts to spray out from the inside of the AC.

Straighten the Fins

Now that the AC unit is cleaned and the dirt has been removed, you'll want to inspect the fins for exterior damage. The fins can be smashed flat by misdirected balls or even from knees bumping up against them. The straighter the fins are, the better the air flow will be. If you find any bent fins, you'll need to straighten them out. You can use a butter knife to straighten each fin out, or you can purchase a fin comb from a local home improvement center. Once the fins are straightened, turn the power back on. Your AC is now ready to use again.

When your air conditioner isn't working properly, you suffer with high cooling bills and an uncomfortably warm home. Use the tips provided here to keep your AC working properly. If these steps fail to restore full air flow to your air conditioner, be sure to contact your air conditioning service as soon as possible. 


14 March 2016

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