Three Reasons You Should Add AC Servicing To Your Move-In Checklist


If you have recently bought a new home, there might be a few updates you have in mind for your space. One thing that you shouldn't delay is having your air conditioning unit serviced. While your home may have passed basic inspections, sometimes AC units can be hiding bigger problems. Here are three reasons you should have your AC unit serviced when you have purchased a new home.

1. Ensuring the Safety of Your AC Unit

If your air conditioning unit is combined with heating, it is a good idea to ensure that your HVAC system is set up correctly. If you can have a specialist come out, they can check wiring, confirm that there aren't carbon monoxide emissions, and clean any buildup that could lead to damages down the line. You don't want to find out you have a bigger issue on your hands down the line that can cause harm to your family or damages to your home.

2. Get Ahead of the Summer Season

If you purchased your home in the winter months or springtime, there may have been little reason to try out the AC unit and see if this will be fully functional for the summer months. Don't wait until the heat sets in to give your AC unit a test run. Have an air conditioning contractor come out and look over your unit and service this during the off season. Chances are, there will be a surge in AC servicing needs during the first heat wave, so don't put this off. If air conditioning contractors are booked with emergency calls, this might be a costly expense and there might be a delay in getting your unit looked at.

3. Replacement Disruptions

If there is a chance that your air conditioning system will need to be replaced entirely, it might be a good idea to get this taken care of before you even move into your new home. This might also be the perfect time to do an overhaul of your entire HVAC system. This will be a much easier process if your air conditioning contractor can get to work in an empty space. They won't have to worry about your schedule, pets, and household items getting damaged during the process.

Many times new homeowners will make some initial changes before or upon move in, such as new appliances, carpeting, or fresh paint. It is worth it to add having your AC unit serviced to this list of new home updates. This is the best way to find hidden problems, stay safe, and get ready for the summer.


18 March 2016

Understanding Advances in HVAC Systems

When our air conditioner broke last year, I was fairly confident that we would be left trying to choose a similar system for a bunch of money. However, our friend who works as a general contractor explained that there were all kinds of neat advances in HVAC systems that might help us out. He explained that we might be able to enjoy a quieter system or one that filters our indoor air more effectively. We liked the sound of that, so we started shopping for a new system. After finding an air conditioner that was perfect for our place, we started this blog to educate other homeowners about new technology.