Four Ways To Utilize Plants To Hide Your Exterior Air Conditioning Unit


If your exterior air conditioning unit isn't necessarily a feature of your yard, there are some things that you can do to hide it from plain view. There are some strategic ways that plants can help keep your AC covered if you put a little thought into your landscape options. Here are four foliage ideas that can hide your AC unit but keep it functional at the same time.

1. Tall Growing Bamboo

If you don't want to have to wait long for plants to grow and surround your AC unit, bamboo is fast growing and can also be mobile. These plants can be placed in low, long, wooden or metal planters that can be moved when your AC unit needs to be serviced. The lush green look of bamboo will look stylish in any yard and can also help keep the heat off of your AC unit and home.

2. Hearty, Tall Grasses or Shrubbery

Picking plants that won't wilt from the heat coming off on your AC unit will be key. If you live in a warm climate as it is, try to source plants that do well in your environment already. If you will be planting grasses or shrubbery to hide your AC unit as a long-term solution, be sure to leave one side accessible for servicing and maintenance. To make sure that you're leaving enough space, contact an air conditioning service company like Hyatt Heating & Air for advice.

3. Vertical Herb Garden

If you don't have the space to plant shrubbery in front of your AC unit, you can always incorporate a vertical garden. Smaller plants can be placed within shallow shelving covered by lattice to show off each plant separately. Herbs are a great choice because many of them, such as sage and mint, ward off insects that you might not want near your home.

4. Tall Pots and Planters

While it is a great idea to have plants with shallow root structures near your AC unit and home, you can even get creative and have plants all above ground. This can work well for plants that might have root structures that can take over or if your AC unit is surrounded by cement.

Be sure to think about more than just the appearance of plants you hope to incorporate around your AC unit. It is important to opt for plants that won't inadvertently cause damage to your air conditioning unit by inviting pests or vines growing into your AC unit. Smart choices when it comes to planting around your AC unit can be a great way to up your curb appeal and keep your AC unit out of plain sight.


3 June 2016

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