Furnace Woes: The 4 Dangers Of Dust, Dirt, And Debris


Keeping your furnace clean and free of dirt and debris is important. Even during the off-season, you should be regularly cleaning your system so that when winter comes, you do not experience any issues. Dirt and debris might be small, but it can cause huge problems in your furnace. Some common issues caused by dust, dirt, and debris include these four:

1. Poor Airflow

Your air filters are responsible for filtering out the air to ensure that only clean air enters your home. If they are not cleaned regularly, they may begin to clog. Once clogged, your air filters won't provide the heat you need because the air cannot get through the filter. Not only does this make your home colder, but it also makes your furnace work harder.

So always be sure to clean and replace your air filters on a regular basis to keep your unit functioning and healthy. Keeping your air filters clean might also help reduce your utility bills, since your furnace won't have to work as hard.

2. Motor Issues

Dust, dirt, and debris consist of very fine particles. If your unit isn't cleaned regularly, these particles can actually enter into the motor of your unit. It might not sound like a problem, but dirt and debris can wreak havoc on your furnace motor. If there is enough buildup, it can cause your motor to burn out and fail. Once this happens, you'll certainly require furnace repair—if not replacement.

3. Burner Interference

Another problem you might face due to dust particles is burner interference. This occurs when too much dirt or debris covers the burners. Once covered in debris, your burners won't be able to get enough oxygen to light. Unfortunately, this can cause your unit stop working altogether since your furnace needs to be able to ignite to provide heat.

4. Heat Exchanger Issues

Finally, dirt and debris can also cause issues with your heat exchanger. This part of your furnace is designed to transfer heat away from the interior chambers and into your home. If the exchanger is covered in dust or debris, it cannot do that. When this occurs, your unit will certainly be hot because the heat cannot escape. This problem not only makes your home colder, but it also takes its toll on your furnace.

As you can see, your furnace can face many problems all because of dirt and debris. Luckily, all you need to do to prevent these problems is clean it regularly. If you haven't cleaned it in awhile and you are facing one—or more—of these issues, contact a furnace repair company immediately. These professionals can thoroughly clean your unit, as well as repair any issues your furnace might be experiencing.  


23 July 2016

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