Pampered Pooch: What To Do With Your Small Dog As Soon As The Heat Goes Out


In the winter time, it can be fun and comfortable for you and your dog to cuddle together. If you have a small dog, it may be common for them to sleep on your bed or inside of a bed and blanket of their own. If you live in a cold climate, you will need to keep up the heating to have the right temperature in you home. Keeping a warm home temperature in the winter can be especially important if you have a small dog with a low body weight. If your heating goes out and you need to call for HVAC services, here is how you can keep your dog comfortable and safe in the meantime. 

Put them in sweaters at all times

Once you realize that your heating is out, grab your small dog and put them in their cutest holiday turtleneck. Small dogs will have a harder time regulating their body temperature. Putting you small dogs inside of a sweater will help to keep them warm and toasty as they wait for the heating to be fixed. Be sure to keep small blankets around for your dog to snuggle in around the home if they are feeling a little too cool. Be sure to take off the sweaters for a little while twice a day to comb your dog's fur. This will make sure that the fur does not become matted. 

Take your pup to doggy daycare

If you are unable to get an appointment immediately and you will be out of your home for the day to work, it is a good idea to take your animal to a doggy daycare or a dog sitter. Animals that are just a few pounds may get cold quicker, so someone should be around to monitor if they are shaking or seem to be lethargic due to the drop in temperature. A dog daycare will be able to better monitor your dog and keep them warm. 

Place them upstairs during HVAC work

Since heat rises and most entrances will be located on the bottom floors of the home, the higher levels in the house are likely to be a little warmer than the first floor. While your HVAC service technician is inside of the home, gate your dog inside of a warm room on the highest floor. This will allow the technician to walk around without your curious pooch attempting to help with the work. It will also allow your HVAC technician to fix any issues with your radiator, piping, or thermometer, especially on the first floor and basement, without the noise bothering your small dog.


20 October 2016

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