4 Ways A Variable Speed Furnace Could Benefit Your Home


The coldest part of the year is fast approaching across the United States. You need to have your home equipped with HVAC equipment that will ensure that your home stays comfortable and healthy all winter long.

If you're in need of a new furnace, you should know about some of the advantages offered by a variable speed unit. While a standard furnace will cycle on and off while in operation, a variable speed furnace is built with a blower motor that operates at different speeds and can constantly control heat flow.

The following are four of the biggest ways a variable speed furnace can benefit your home:

The furnace unit runs more efficiently.

A standard furnace will heat a room to a certain temperature and then cycle off when it reaches that temperature. It won't cycle back on again until the room's temperature has dropped back down to a certain level.

A variable speed furnace stays on constantly so that the heating system doesn't need to backtrack by heating a room back up after it has cycled off. This allows for more efficient operation. 

There is less noise made when the heat in a home is on.

When a variable speed furnace operates, it is not as easily heard as a standard furnace unit. A standard furnace can make a lot of noise when it cycles back on again. It can also create a sudden blast of air when it cycles back into operation that can be disturbing to those inside a home. 

A variable speed furnace has lower fan speeds. The lower the fan speed, the quieter the operation. On the other hand, a standard furnace only has one fan speed so that it makes the same amount of noise at all times when it is in operation. 

Control of temperature throughout a home is improved.

Because a standard furnace cycles on and off, it doesn't constantly heat the home. This means that the home's temperature can fluctuate. It also means that a home's temperature can't be precisely controlled at all times.

On the other hand, a variable speed unit offers finer precision when it comes to setting a temperature in certain rooms or throughout an entire home. Variable speed systems feature zoning capabilities that make it possible to shut off heat entirely to one part of a home or set different portions of a home to different temperatures.

The air inside a home is cleaner.

A variable speed furnace can improve the quality of interior air in a home thanks to its fan. The fan in a variable speed furnace unit constantly circulates air and channels air through the unit's filters to remove fine particles and contaminants.

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15 December 2016

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