Troubleshooting Guide For Heat Pumps


Heat pumps are a way of providing warmth or cold to properties in moderate climate zones. It is a more energy efficient way to adjust the temperature inside the building, rather than using air conditioning units or furnaces which need a lot more energy to keep the property at a comfortable temperature. Heat pumps work by using electricity to adjust the temperature of the room. The pumps take heat outside during the warm months and bring it inside during the cold months.

They are a convenient and efficient method of heating and cooling, but sometimes they may malfunction. However, troubleshooting the heat pumps can be fairly easy. This guide will walk you through a few of the common troubleshooting tips for heat pumps.

Heat Pump Not Running

This is one of the main issues you might have with the heat pump. When your heat pump no longer turns on at all, try this:

  • Check to make sure the circuit breakers aren't tripped. If one or both breakers did trip, flip them into the OFF and then ON spot. Should the breaker trip again, you are dealing with a short in the power supply to the heat pump.

  • Check the thermostat and see what setting it is on. It should be on Heat or Cool depending on what season it is and the desired temperature. Adjust it to see if it kicks the heat pump on. If it doesn't work, it may be a faulty thermostat.

Heat Pump Doesn't Adjust Temperature Correctly

Sometimes the heat pump won't produce cold air or heat the way you want them to. Try the following:

  • Check all the register vents in the house and make sure they are open as far as possible.

  • Raise the temperature of the thermostat by five degrees and see if that helps.

  • Check the heating elements. If they appear damaged or show heavy signs of wear, replace them out with new ones. You will need an element wrench which can be purchased at the same home improvement stores as the elements.

  • Check the filters in the heat pump. You should clean or replace the filters no less than twice a year.


When your troubleshooting methods don't work, it's time to call in a professional HVAC contractor, such as Actionaire Inc. They will be able to give their expert opinion on what needs to be replaced or repaired. They can also do seasonal maintenance on your heat pump for you.


4 October 2017

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