Three Reasons Why You Need Your A/C Repaired Before Next Summer


Commercial air conditioning is probably the last thing on your mind during winter. Your building is chugging along, trying to heat the entire place, not cool it. Still, it is important to fix any problems you have with your A/C before next summer. Here are three reasons why you need commercial air conditioning repair now, and not later.

1. There Is This Little Thing Called Carbon Monoxide

Commercial air conditioners that are not running can still produce carbon monoxide. A build-up of CO2 in winter, with the furnaces circulating, and no windows or exits through which the CO2 can escape, is not a good idea. If you make sure that both your heating and cooling systems are functioning properly, you can prevent excess CO2 in the building.

2. Air Conditioners Have a Way of Becoming Useless over Two Seasons of Disuse

So, the commercial air conditioner units go through winter and spring without running. Believe it or not, if you did not have them maintained and/or repaired in the fall, you should not be surprised when the units do not work at all on the first really hot day of summer. This happens more often than you might think. If you do not believe that, just ask the HVAC contractor as he or she is repairing one or more of your commercial A/C units at the end of May or beginning of June.

3. There Are No Protective Covers for Commercial A/C Units

Short of using several extremely large tarps, there are no protective covers for commercial air conditioning units. This leaves the units exposed to snow, ice, and extreme cold, all of which are not good for any A/C unit, regardless of type and size. If the units are already not doing so hot by fall, you can bet they will not function at all when you turn them on next summer. That is the whole purpose of annual maintenance in fall; to make repairs and attempt to prevent the accumulation of snow and ice on the machines over winter.

Many parts of the country have already seen the first frost and the first couple of snowfalls. These are light and have melted, but the big snows are still coming. Hire an HVAC contractor to check and repair your commercial A/C units before true winter arrives and prevents the contractor from getting inside these commercial appliances. To learn more, contact a company like I C E Heating & Cooling


22 December 2017

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