What Causes Your Air Conditioner To Screech


Your air conditioning system can make a variety of odd noises that are caused by various problems. An HVAC technician can often determine the cause of the trouble just by the way the noise sounds. A screeching noise is often caused by problems in a motor. This noise can be heard in the outside unit or the air handler indoors. Sometimes, it's loud and very annoying. It can even bother your neighbors. Here's a look at what causes screeching in your air conditioner and how it's repaired.

The Causes Of Air Conditioner Screeching

Older air conditioners often use belts on the motors, and when the belts go bad, they make a screeching noise. The solution is to change the belt and inspect the motor to see if it needs repairs, too. Newer air conditioners don't use belts, so when the screeching begins, it's usually a sign of bad bearings in a motor. A fix for this problem usually requires replacing the motor.

When the annoying sound comes from indoors, it could be the blower motor that's bad. If the noise is in the condenser outside, then the problem could be the fan motor. If the problem is in the fan, you'll hear the screeching the entire time the AC runs since the fan operates during that time.

When you hear a screeching noise coming from your AC, you should schedule a service call as soon as possible so you don't do further damage to your HVAC system. Plus, the AC may fail if you don't make repairs soon, and you'll be stuck without cool air.

The Reasons AC Motors Fail

There are different reasons your HVAC can develop motor problems. Some are beyond your control. For instance, if your air conditioner is several years old, it's probably just a matter of time until it fails and needs to be repaired or replaced. Plus, it's possible a part is faulty from the factory and it failed early. Sometimes, these parts are still under warranty, and that can save on your repair bill.

Other times, you can strain an AC motor and cause it to overheat, overwork, and wear out sooner. This can happen when your HVAC isn't cleaned and serviced regularly or when you don't change the filter as often as you should.

Since you may interpret a sound differently than a trained HVAC technician, you shouldn't assume screeching indicates a bad motor. The noise you hear might signal a serious problem with your AC, such as a bad compressor. It's best to let a professional, like those at Environmental Contractors, diagnose the problem so the right repairs can be done in a timely manner to protect the longevity of your air conditioner.


19 July 2018

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