Issues Your Air Conditioner Might Encounter


Air conditioning units that suffer problems will struggle to provide your home with enough cooled air to regulate its temperature. These problems can impact a variety of the systems in the unit, and failing to address them can lead to worsening performance.

Faulty Power Connection

The power connection will be essential for keeping the unit running. In most instances, this connection will require little attention. However, it can be possible for it to start to loosen over time, and this can lead to intermittent power disruptions. Due to the dangers of working with powerful electrical connections, you may want to avoid attempting this repair yourself. Otherwise, you will be at a high risk of suffering a serious injury or causing major damage to the air conditioning system.

Mold Growths

Mold growing in the air conditioning system can be a problem that may be difficult to notice at first. However, it can rapidly cause the air quality in the home to fall, and those with respiratory problems may find that their symptoms start to worsen. To remove these growths, the exterior housing of the unit will need to be removed so that the interior can be thoroughly sanitized and cleaned. Unfortunately, failing to address this problem can lead to the mold problem spreading as the air conditioning system may distribute spores throughout the house.

Misaligned Fan

An air conditioning system will utilize a very large fan to move air. However, this fan can gradually come out of alignment. When this occurs, the amount of air that the system can provide will fall dramatically. Also, the system may suffer extensive damage as the fan blades can rub against the interior of the unit. Yearly service visits can avoid this problem as the technician will be able to balance and align the fan.

Warped Exterior Vents

The fan is not the only component that will play a role in providing the unit with air. The exterior unit will also have a series of small vents that will allow air to pass through to the interior of the system. In addition to the risk of getting dirty, these vents can also bend and warp, which may cause air to be blocked from entering them. Periodically checking your vents to ensure that they are still straight can give you a chance to correct this problem when it arises. While it may seem like correcting these vents will be extremely difficult, there are special vent brushes that can be used to help adjust these vents.

If you need help with any of the aforementioned problems, reach out to a company that offers air conditioning services


17 August 2018

Understanding Advances in HVAC Systems

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