Common Problems With Ductless Air Conditioners And How They Are Repaired


Ductless air conditioners are an effective way to cool just the parts of your home you need cooled without having to pay a lot of money every month to the electric company. You can cool just the bedrooms in use and/or the common areas where people are during the day. However, like any other type of air conditioning system, there will eventually be a need for air conditioning repairs. The following shows some of the more common repairs needed by this type of system. 

The Heat Pump Craps Out

A ductless system relies on a heat pump to pull the hot air from your home and send it outdoors. If the heat pump fails, not enough hot air will be pulled from indoors. Fixing what is wrong with the pump or replacing it entirely will restore the system to its fully functional mode and operations.

There Is an Issue with the Electrical Wiring

Every wall unit in the home relies on electricity to operate. If a wire is loose, a cable is cut, etc., that wall unit will not work. Worse still, such electrical issues could cause a fire if left as is. Shutting off the current to that room is the first step toward making sure there will be no major hazards. Then call the HVAC contractor that installed your ductless system so that he/she can make repairs to the unit with the electrical damage. 

Vandals Got to the Outdoor Unit

You can connect several wall units inside to a single outdoor unit outside. While this is rather efficient in design and construction, it does mean that any time the outside unit is vandalized, the entire system is disabled. If someone takes a baseball bat, axe, or other instrument to your outdoor unit and renders the whole system disabled, it will have to be replaced in order for your ductless system to continue functioning as expected. About the only thing that prevents this particular issue from occurring is to place the outdoor unit above the ground where it will not be noticed and vandals really cannot reach it without a lot of effort. 

Control Knobs Break Off

Some wall units for ductless systems have knob controls. The knobs are for adjusting the amount of hot air you want pulled from the room and the cool air and humidity you want to remain. Sometimes the knobs will pop off, but it is an easy fix. New knobs are affixed with an adhesive or a screw, and then it is fine. 


15 May 2019

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