Regular Heating System Maintenance Helps Your Family Stay Cozy, When The Weather Is Frightful


Furnace maintenance is necessary, for your furnace to operate efficiently and to prevent dangerous problems from developing. You'll need to provide maintenance throughout the heating season, and you'll also want your furnace serviced by an HVAC technician at least once a year. Here are some important heating system maintenance tasks you don't want to skip.

Monthly Heating Maintenance

Set a date, each month, to check the filter in your furnace. Even if the filter is supposed to last for several months, it could get dirty quicker when your furnace runs all day, every day. Change the filter if it is dusty, because a clogged filter has a serious effect on the operation of your furnace. If it blocks airflow, your furnace may shut itself down so it won't overheat. When you check and change the filter, also take time to check the registers and the area around the furnace to ensure there are no obstructions. In addition, test your carbon monoxide alarms, to ensure they are working properly. An alarm could save your life if the heat exchanger in your furnace cracks and leaks carbon monoxide into your home.

Annual Heating System Maintenance

Changing the filter regularly will prevent some problems with your furnace, but you should still have the furnace cleaned and serviced at least once a year. Dust can get inside the furnace too, and, when it does, it builds up on the blower motor and fan. This dust needs to be cleaned off, so it doesn't cause the furnace to overheat. The ignition area of your furnace needs to be cleaned regularly, too, so soot doesn't build up and cause problems.

Besides cleaning, the HVAC technician inspects the furnace to make sure there is no damage that needs to be repaired. Worn parts may be replaced so they won't give out in the middle of winter, when you rely on your furnace. The furnace is put through a series of checks and tests, so you can be sure it's in good shape and ready for the winter season.

It's not a guarantee that regular heating system maintenance will prevent a furnace breakdown, but breakdowns are less likely in a furnace that is well maintained. In addition, your furnace will operate more efficiently and not run more than it needs to, because of faulty or dirty parts. A dirty furnace will often short cycle or turn itself on and off frequently. This wastes energy and your home won't be able to warm up as it should. When your furnace is working properly, you can have peace of mind that your family will be warm and snug, when the weather outside is harsh and cold.

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21 June 2019

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