AC Not Working In Your Rental Units? 4 Reasons You Need To Take Care Of The Repairs Right Away


If you own a rental property and the air conditioning isn't working properly, you need to take care of repairs right away. You might not realize this, but broken air conditioners can cause serious problems for you as a landlord. Here are just four of the reasons why you need to take care of the repairs to the air conditioning system in your rental units. 

Keep Your Tenants Comfortable

If the air conditioning isn't working in your rental property, your tenants won't be able to maintain their comfort, especially during episodes of extreme summer heat. Not only that, but the extreme heat could lead to an increased risk of health problems for your tenants. Unfortunately, if your tenants aren't comfortable, you run the risk that they'll spread the word to people that they know. Once that happens, it's just a matter of time before you have a bad reputation as a landlord. You can keep your tenants comfortable, healthy, and safe this summer by taking care of those AC repairs as soon as possible. 

Avoid Landlord/Tenant Legal Troubles

If you've failed to take care of the repairs to the air conditioning in your rental units, you risk more than just unhappy tenants. You also run the risk of landlord/tenant legal problems. Unfortunately, those legal problems often include government agencies as well. You might not realize this, but if you fail to maintain heating and air conditioning systems for your tenants, they can get government agencies involved. Unfortunately, once government agencies are involved, you could be looking at fines and citations. You can avoid the landlord/tenant legal troubles by repairing the air conditioning in your rental units before summer arrives. 

Prevent Heat-Related Damage

In addition to the problems you face with your tenants, air conditioning issues can also cause damage to your rental property. The air conditioner helps keep your home cool, which protects it against heat-related damage. Once the heat builds up in your home, just about every component can suffer damage. This includes your roof, flooring, walls, and even windows. The best way to protect your investment and prevent heat-related damage is to ensure that the air conditioning systems in your rental properties are working properly at all times. 

Protect Your Property Value

When you own a rental property, you also need to worry about the value of your investment. Not just how much you'd get if you were to sell the property, but also the amount of rent you can charge for your rental property. If your air conditioning system isn't working properly, you may not be able to enjoy the best return on your investment. That's because tenants aren't as willing to pay top price to rent somewhere that doesn't include a working air conditioning system. You can protect the value of your rental property by ensuring speedy repairs to your air conditioning system. 

Call an air conditioning repair service today to improve your rental property.


18 December 2019

Understanding Advances in HVAC Systems

When our air conditioner broke last year, I was fairly confident that we would be left trying to choose a similar system for a bunch of money. However, our friend who works as a general contractor explained that there were all kinds of neat advances in HVAC systems that might help us out. He explained that we might be able to enjoy a quieter system or one that filters our indoor air more effectively. We liked the sound of that, so we started shopping for a new system. After finding an air conditioner that was perfect for our place, we started this blog to educate other homeowners about new technology.