Reasons Your Home May Have Uneven Cooling In The Summer


If certain rooms of your home seem to be hot spots, you may be uncomfortable during the summer even when other parts of your home are cool. Adjusting the thermostat usually doesn't solve the problem of a hot spot since other areas might get too cold as a result and you'll drive up your power bill. Here are some possible reasons for uneven cooling.

Problems With The Room

If only one room in your home has this problem, consider if something in the room is to blame. If the room is on the west or south side of your house, solar heating from the afternoon sun may be making the room too hot.

You could try improving wall insulation or just covering windows with heavy drapes to keep out the sun. Be sure there are no leaks around windows or doors in the room that allow hot air to get inside. Also, check that the registers in the room are fully open and free of dust to ensure maximum airflow.

Leaks In An Air Duct

Examine your air ducts to see if a leak could be to blame. If cold air leaks out in the attic, there won't be as much cool air to blow out the registers in the room. Repairing the ducts might be as easy as taping over the leak, and that could improve airflow and bring your power bills back down.

Trouble With The Air Conditioner

Uneven heating can be caused by a malfunction with your AC. One problem could be restricted airflow because of a clogged filter, so be sure to check your filter and change it if needed.

Another problem could be low refrigerant in the lines. Refrigerant needs to be checked by an air conditioning repair technician. If the refrigerant is low, the technician has to examine your AC to find the leak and make repairs.

Anything that restricts airflow, such as a dirty AC, or that interferes with the functioning of refrigerant can cause your air conditioner to short cycle. Short cycling happens when your AC kicks on normally but shuts off sooner than it should. This drives up your power bill and it wears out your compressor. Plus, it causes erratic airflow that causes uneven cooling.

The compressor is an expensive part to have repaired, so even though a hot spot in your home may not seem serious, if it's accompanied by short cycling, call for air conditioning repairs as soon as you can so the compressor won't be ruined by running your AC when it has a malfunction.

Contact a local air conditioning repair service for more information.


12 May 2020

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