How to Respond When Your Nightclub's AC Breaks Down During an Event


If during an event at your nightclub, the air conditioning cuts out and you cannot get it started again, you should follow the steps described here.

1. Get a contractor who provides 24-hour emergency HVAC services

If the event is due to end in an hour or two, you might initially think that you can just call an HVAC contractor in the morning. However, this would not be wise. Instead, you should find one who offers a 24 Hour Emergency HVAC service and get them to come to your nightclub immediately. Even with a functioning, powerful air conditioner running at top speed, a nightclub can get incredibly hot. The high temperatures are caused by several factors, including the lack of windows in most nightclubs, along with the body heat generated by people dancing in an enclosed space.

If you wait until morning instead of using an emergency HVAC service, the temperatures in your nightclub could climb perilously high in the last hour or two before you close up. This could lead to several people passing out, which could be particularly dangerous in a crowded nightclub. Those around them may be too distracted or inebriated to offer help. Alternatively, if you were to shut down the nightclub and ask the club-goers to leave early, and then get the air conditioner repaired the following day, the event would not generate as much money as you originally estimated.

By using an emergency HVAC service and getting the air conditioning repaired immediately, you can continue your event without putting the club-goers in danger and you won't suffer a profit loss from shutting it down earlier than planned.

2. Set up rope barriers around the air conditioning units

If the air conditioning units that have cut out are near the nightclub's dancefloor or seating area, then you should take some of the rope barriers that you use at your club entrance and put them around the units. This will ensure that the emergency HVAC contractor has enough space on the floor near them to place their tools and will reduce the chances of any rowdy club-goers messing with these items. It will also ensure that these individuals, who may not be as aware of their surroundings as they should be won't bump into the contractor and hurt them while they're focusing on quickly fixing the air conditioner.

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22 July 2020

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