Boiler Installation Options For An Energy-Efficient Radiant Heating Upgrade


If you have a radiant heating system, the boiler may be outdated. Therefore, it may be time to consider improving the system with the installation of a new boiler. Today, there are boilers that can make your radiant heating more efficient. The following boiler installation options will make your radiant heating system more energy-efficient:

Installing An Efficient Natural Gas Boiler

Installing a natural gas boiler is a great solution for an efficient heating system. Today, gas boilers have features that make them more efficient. The features you will want for your gas boiler installation include:

  • Electric ignition system
  • Proper insulation
  • A variable speed pump

These are gas boiler features that will help make your system more efficient.

Efficient Biomass Boilers For Radiant Heating

Another option to consider for your heating is a biomass boiler. These are systems that use natural materials like wood chips and organic pellet fuel materials. Some of the features of biomass boilers include:

  • A pellet fuel system
  • Variable-speed circulation pumps
  • An integrated solar water heater

These are some of the features of biomass boilers that can make your heating more efficient. In addition to being efficient, biomass boilers use renewable resources. This makes them an ideal solution to update your heating with environmentally-friendly features.

High-Efficiency Electric Boilers For Radiant Heating

Electric boilers can be another great solution for your home. These boilers are highly efficient and can be powered by renewable energy with solar panels. There are several options for electric systems to provide your home with efficient heating. Some of the efficient options for these systems include:

  • Variable-speed circulator pumps
  • Solar panels
  • A solar water heater

These are some of the different options for efficient electric boilers. These systems will provide your home with efficient radiant heating.

Modern Heating Oil Boilers For Efficient Radiant Heating

Another option to consider when you need to have a new boiler installed in your home is a heating oil system. Heating oil boilers are one of the oldest systems available. You may think of heating oil as a less efficient option, but oil boilers are actually one of the most efficient and cleanest systems available today.

These boilers are some of the most energy-efficient solutions for radiant heating. Call a boiler installation service for help updating your heating with these solutions. Any one of these systems can help your boiler work better with your radiant heating system, so choose whichever suits your needs.


27 November 2020

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