Cleaning Air Ducts To Avoid Mold Invasions


A mold spore is mold's way of reproducing. Once mature, mold sends out millions of mold spores that drift on air currents hoping to find a comfortable place to settle down. They can sit in a forgotten corner of your house, waiting for the right conditions, including moisture, to allow them to grow. What does a run-down of how mold reproduces have to do with air duct cleaning? Dirty ducts can deliver mold spores all over your house.

19 August 2016

Furnace Woes: The 4 Dangers Of Dust, Dirt, And Debris


Keeping your furnace clean and free of dirt and debris is important. Even during the off-season, you should be regularly cleaning your system so that when winter comes, you do not experience any issues. Dirt and debris might be small, but it can cause huge problems in your furnace. Some common issues caused by dust, dirt, and debris include these four: 1. Poor Airflow Your air filters are responsible for filtering out the air to ensure that only clean air enters your home.

23 July 2016

Four Ways To Utilize Plants To Hide Your Exterior Air Conditioning Unit


If your exterior air conditioning unit isn't necessarily a feature of your yard, there are some things that you can do to hide it from plain view. There are some strategic ways that plants can help keep your AC covered if you put a little thought into your landscape options. Here are four foliage ideas that can hide your AC unit but keep it functional at the same time. 1. Tall Growing Bamboo

3 June 2016

How To Clean Condenser Coils


One of the most vital components of any central air conditioning system is the condenser unit. And, the most vital component of the condenser unit is the condensing coils. The coils are the sheets of aluminum that line the entire outside of the exterior condenser unit. They are usually behind a protective cage that is meant to keep out leaves, birds and rodents. However, they can still get very dirty over time.

13 April 2016

Should You Replace Your Furnace And Central Air System At The Same Time?


In most cases, your central air system and your furnace need to complement each other. If you're replacing or installing one or the other, you have to consider both. This can cause people consternation. But you should understand why it's important to consider both, even if you just want to replace one. Looking at the Whole Picture The obvious connection between your HVAC components is that they share the ductwork. That alone is cause for evaluation since your ducts need to be of adequate size for all of your HVAC equipment.

21 March 2016

Three Reasons You Should Add AC Servicing To Your Move-In Checklist


If you have recently bought a new home, there might be a few updates you have in mind for your space. One thing that you shouldn't delay is having your air conditioning unit serviced. While your home may have passed basic inspections, sometimes AC units can be hiding bigger problems. Here are three reasons you should have your AC unit serviced when you have purchased a new home. 1. Ensuring the Safety of Your AC Unit

18 March 2016

How To Maintain Indoor Air Quality


The quality of the air in your home will depend on several factors. Most importantly, you need to make sure you furnace and duct systems are as clean as possible. A dirty furnace can lead to dirty ducts, and vice versa. This is why it is important to constantly service and maintain your entire HVAC system. This article explains how to clean your furnace filter and fan. Clean your Furnace Fan and Filter

15 March 2016

It's Hot Outside! 3 Ways To Keep Your AC Running Smoothly


Take a look at your air conditioner unit. You'll notice that it's a fan surrounded by copper tubing and tiny vents that resemble fins. Those tiny vents keep the air flowing through to the motor and fan blades. Once they get plugged with dirt and debris, you'll feel a reduction in the amount of air that flows through the vents inside your home. You might even notice that your electricity bill goes up.

14 March 2016

Where Should You Place Your HVAC Vents?


A number of factors affect your energy consumption and your comfort at home. Once thing you may overlook is vent placement. If you are having an HVAC system placed into new construction or are redoing the system in your current home, you need to carefully consider where your vents will work best. Return Vent Your heating and cooling system will never work correctly if the return vents are placed too closely to the supply vents.

14 March 2016

Areas You Should Check When Your Air Conditioner Is Not Producing Enough Cool Air


When your air conditioner is not sending cool air into your home, you need to know which areas may be the cause of your problem. By taking the time to check these areas, you can potentially identify the cause of your problem so you can fix it in a timely manner. Vents and Filter The first issue you may have is blocked vents or a clogged filter. Checking these areas first will let you know if something is preventing the cool air from flowing into your home.

10 March 2016